Subaru Middle East



  • Aiming for the highest level of peace of mind and safety for all passengers.
  • SUBARU pursues automobile safety performance from every perspective and is refining and perfecting core technologies on the basis of four safety criteria: primary safety, active safety, preventive safety, and passive safety.

Primary Safety:

Basic design features for avoiding accidents

  • Increasing driving safety through basic design features such as car shape and controls
  • Visibility Design
  • Driving Position
  • Interference


  • Active Safety:

      The Ultimate in driving performance for greater safety

    • Facilitating hazard avoidance through performance improvement in the basic functions of a car driving, turning and stopping.
    • Horizontally opposed engine
    • Symmetrical AWD

    Preventive Safety:

    Advance Technology that supports safe driving.

    • Supporting safe driving by helping avoid collisions and reduce damage.
    • Eye-Sight

    Passive Safety:

     Extra Precautions just in case.

    • Minimizing damage when an accident occurs.
    • Engine layout
    • Subaru Global Platform
    • Pedestrians Protection Airbag


    • Subaru succeeds because it knows exactly what its customers want: rock-steady reliability paired with the all-weather assurance of all-wheel drive. Subaru offers excellent stability and ample ground clearance for off-road adventures.
    • Subaru provides a practical, fuel efficient, affordable all-wheel drive vehicles. They make sure to move along with technology and give the customers always something ‘extra’ on what they look for in purchasing a Subaru.
    • Our distributors in Middle East provide excellent after sales service which gives the customers the feeling of dependability and ensures they are taken care of in the right hands.